December the 12th

15.30 - Welcoming addresses

- UNISI, the Rector's delegate for international affairs, Prof. Luca Verzichelli

- AGU-CRUI Working Group, the coordinator, Prof. Yulia Tikhomirova

- Introduction to the Conference


December the 13th

10.00-11.00 1st session – KEYNOTE SPEECHES – Chairing Prof. Lorenza Operti


Prof. Artyom Rykun

Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Tomsk State University

Multifaceted Task for Internationalization: Russian Universities in Global Collaboration on the Way to Recognition

(co-author) Prof. Yulia Tikhomirova

Associate professor at the Dept. of Romance and Germanic Philology, Faculty of Philology, Tomsk State University

UNN (Lobachevsky)

Prof. Alexander Bedny

Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Lobachevsky University

Raising Global Innovators as a Key Function of Leading Universities

(co-author) Prof. Alexander Grudzinsky

Director of the Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship, Lobachevsky University Nizhniy Novgorod

11.00 Question time

11.15-11.30 – coffee break

11.30-13.00 1st session (continued) – KEYNOTE SPEECHES – Chairing Prof. Alexander Grudzinsky


Prof. Federico Lenzerini

Associate Professor of International Law, University of Siena, Department of Political and International Sciences

“Counter-limits” and the Prevalence of Fundamental Constitutional Principles over the ECHR: A Case of Convergence between Russian and Italian Courts


Prof. Marina Marchisio

Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics , University of Turin

Start@unito: open online courses for improving access and for enhancing success in Higher Education 


Prof. Elvira Lozupone

Department of History, cultural heritage, Education andSsociety, University of Rome Tor Vergata

The Supervision Process within the Curricular Internships as a Way for Professional Construction

13.00 Question time

13.15 LUNCH

14.15-15.15 2nd session – Session Speeches – Chairing Prof. Maurizio Pompella


Prof. Svetlana Fashchanova

Associate professor at the Department of Russian Language, Faculty of Philology, Tomsk State University

Educational media in the practice of teaching Russian as a foreign language

Prof. Victor Dyomin,

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Tomsk State University

Prof. Galina Mozhaeva

Director of the Institute of Distance Education, Tomsk State University

Dr. Daria Maslova

Director of the MOOK production and support Centre, Tomsk State University

How MOOCs can make education more efficient: the experience of Tomsk State University

15.15 Question time

15.30-16.30  2nd session (continued)  – Session Speeches – Chairing Prof. Artyom Rykun


Prof. Carlo Citter

Dept. of History and Cultural Heritage, University of Siena

The Early Medieval Globalisation from the Volga to the Atlantic Ocean

Prof. Alessandra Viviani

Associate Professor of International Law at the University of Siena

Human rights education as a means to develop soft skills and intercultural competences for global citizenship

16.30 Question time


December the 14th

9.30-10.30 3rd session – Session Speeches – Chairing Prof. Luca Verzichelli


Prof. Simone Beta

Associate professor of Classical Philology at the University of Siena

From West to East and vice versa: The far away world of Eastern Europe as seen through Greek eyes, from Herodotus to the Emperors of Byzance

UNN (Lobachevsky)

Irina Leonova

Director of International Affairs Department UNN

Values of Russian Employees in Education Sector and Students as a Mirror for Transformation Processes in Russian Economy and Society

10.30 Question time

10.45-11.00 coffee break



VII meeting of the Working Group


Call for papers


Working Group for collaboration between 

the Association of Russian Higher Educational Institutions “Global Universities” (AGU) and 

the Conference of Italian Universities Rectors (CRUI) 


SIENA CONFERENCE, December 12-14, 2018


VII Meeting AGU-CRUI Siena University, Dec. the 14th, 2018.




Within the framework of AGU-CRUI cooperation and following the V Meeting of the Working Group (Siena, December 13, 2017), an international research and practical conference on education will be hosted by the University of Siena in December 2018.

The Conference aims at bringing up to 50 scholars, researchers, managers to explore and discuss what globalization has meant and means in terms of growing learning opportunities and shared educational standards, and the role of higher education in the so-called 'knowledge society'. New Models and New Rules in Higher Education, Optimal Environment for Learning Technologies, Institutional versus Non-Institutional HE, are some out of the topics the conference is expected to deal with. The preferential focus will be on Russia and Italy, but other perspectives are most welcomed too.



Higher Education going Global:


Contemporary Challenges for Educational Science and Practice




 - New Models, Methods, and Rules in Contemporary Higher Education;

- Optimal Environment for Learning Technologies;

- Institutional versus Non-Institutional HE;

- Comparative Education and Intercultural Education;

- International Level Teaching Best Practices;

- International Cooperation in Higher Education;

- Teachers' Education and Training;

- Soft Skills and the Relevance of Interdisciplinarity in Modern Higher Education;

- the latest e-learning Technologies;

- Culture, Quality and Business Opportunities of online Learning.



Working language will be English (no interpretation provided).




- release of the Call for paper and panel proposals: mid-September 2018;

- deadline for applications: October the 20th, 2018;

EXTENDED ... October the 31st // late applications can be sent to pompella@unisi.it and will be considered until November the 18th       

- notification of acceptance: early November 2018;

EXTENDED ... November the 20th

- release of the Conference Programme: November the 20th, 2018; 

- non-speakers registration: November the 20th, 2018; 

- Conference dates: December 12-14, 2018.




Paper and panel proposals should be submitted via the AGU-CRUI Working Group Website:


Each application should include

- personal data,

- an abstract of the paper (up to 150 words, including 3 keywords),

- the author's short CV (150 words, including her/his most relevant publications on the topics to be addressed by the Conference).

Panel proposals should include the title, a short description of the session (up to 150 words), a list of up to 5 papers and the panel moderator, who is expected to submit the proposal and provide a personal short CV (up to 150 words).


Each of the co-organizing universities is kindly required to propose a keynote speaker, if any, also providing its short CV and title of the contribution.




The Conference Scientific Committee will be defined by the end of September, is made up by one representative from each co-organizing university (two of them from the hosting Institution, in order to guarantee the interdisciplinarity). The Scientific Committee is in charge of the evaluation procedure as well as of the Conference Programme.

The University of Siena will provide the Organizing Committee, and publish the membership of both Committees.




The Scientific Committee is also in charge of selecting and inviting the keynote speakers on the basis of the suggestions received from each co-organizing university.




Conference proceedings will be published on the the AGU-CRUI Working Group Website as an open access resource. Conference results could also be disseminated through scientific journals




Speakers: 70 euros (except for keynote speakers)

Non-speakers: free (deadline for applications: November the 20th, 2018)




Aula Consiliare, Palazzo del Rettorato

Università degli Studi di Siena, Banchi di Sotto, 55